Patches for OpenSSH 2.5.2p2: evaluate /etc/default/login, makefiles manpages

Christopher Linn celinn at
Fri Mar 30 10:20:33 EST 2001


for the second time i must apologize.

> > > make prefix=/tmp/openssh-root/usr libexecdir=/tmp/openssh-root/usr/sbin
> > > mandir=/tmp/openssh-root/usr/man sysconfdir=/tmp/openssh-root/etc/ssh
> > > install
> > [...]
> >  
> > this is not the way you want to do this; i belive that will mess up
> > all the pathnames embedded in your binaries and manpages.

i was terribly wrong about this, you are actually doing correct
variable substitution passing to make to the install target. 
this would not mess up any embedded pathnames.


>	# make DESTDIR=/tmp/openssh-root install  
> is incorrect. that is the correct syntax for OpenBSD make.  the correct
> syntax for /usr/ccs/bin/make on solaris is:
>	# make install DESTDIR=/tmp/openssh-root
> my apologies.

i have since tried this both ways, and /usr/ccs/bin/make will
do the correct thing when the make target is either before or
after the variable-passing args to make, although i get make 
errors failing on the "host-key" make target when using your
prefix, libexecdir, mandir sysconfdir set of make variables.

in my own defense, the solaris 2.6 make(1S) manpage places the
target before the variable substitution  ;*)

however, i would still reccommend the use of the DESTDIR make variable
built-in to the OpenSSH Makefile, because this is exactly what it
was designed to do.

i am terribly embarrassed and humbled.  again, my apologies.



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