WinSCP error while connecting to root

Kevin Sindhu kevin at
Sat Mar 31 03:30:51 EST 2001


As Damien pointed out, your login makes a lot of noise...and yes, you
can blame HP-UX for the same*grin*

Either, case, for now, can you try this workaround..

The following code in /etc/profile prints the copyright notice the first
time each user logs in:

        NUMLOGINS=`/etc/last -2 $LOGNAME | wc -l`
        if [ $NUMLOGINS -lt 2 ]
                cat /etc/copyright
And, for /etc/csh.login:

set NUMLOGINS=`/etc/last -2 $LOGNAME | wc -l`
if ( $NUMLOGINS<2 ) cat /etc/copyright

(Actually, each user will get the copyright on their first login after
time the /etc/wtmp file is pruned, but that needn't be often.)

So, You can either take it out, or

#cp /etc/copyright /etc/
#echo "Welcome to `uname -a` > /etc/copyright

Which should solve your problem...


Damien Miller wrote:
> You shell initialisation seems to be producing a lot of noise.
> -d
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