SRP unencumbered license statement

Tom Wu tom at
Thu May 3 12:01:24 EST 2001

Tom Holroyd wrote:
> Not to mention that it provides strong authentication of both client *and*
> server, even when the host key has changed or is unknown, and it doesn't
> leak any information to eavesdroppers or MITM.  :-)
> So, SRP is ready to go.
> Speaking of which, an up-to-date tarball and patch are available:
> The patch is vs. the 20010501 CVS, the tarball is self-contained (remember
> to left-click on those links to download the files from Tripod).  See the
> README.SRP file for more info and installation instructions.

The patches look really good.  Everything built right out of the box on
Linux (glibc 2.1) and FreeBSD 4.2.  The only hiccup was the strict
permissions checking on /etc/tpasswd.conf, but that was easily
resolved.  Interoperation with EPS stuff looks clean.

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