openssh-2.9p2, short hostnames

Hans Werner Strube strube at
Wed Oct 3 02:16:07 EST 2001

> > While the length of a key's value is 1024 bytes, you can break the
> > value so it references other *keys* and therefore work around this
> > limitation. If you generate the NDBM maps directly from text files
> > though, your kinda screwed unless you somehow automate this process.

I have already applied this technique before (even for too many short
host names) but would like to avoid it if possible.

> The reverse maps are the ones used by innetgr() on Solaris. The reverse
> maps' keys are named after users and hosts, and the values are
> comma-separated lists of netgroups the users/hosts belong to.
> There's no way to break those up.

But there is no need to break those up, since those records are quite short.

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