patch - forceshell

Don Mahurin dmahurin at
Fri Oct 5 01:19:46 EST 2001

Damien Miller wrote:

> On Wed, 3 Oct 2001, Don Mahurin wrote:
> > Attached is a simple patch which allows an auth param 'shell=' like
> > 'command='
> > When specified, sshd will use this shell instead of the one in
> > /etc/passwd or the default shell.
> >
> > This patch allows you can have some chrooted shell (actually any shell)
> > associated with a specific key.
> > You could do this with command=, but then the command given to ssh will
> > be ignored, and scp will not work.
> You can get around this by using the $SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND env var.

This env var is really no help.

You could do:
   echo '$SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND' | ssh Host echo hi world
But why not just do:
   echo 'hi world' | ssh Host
And using scp, will require some wrapper script, or other magic.

I don't want any magic.  With a shell= auth param, the client side users need
to know nothing, and
can use unmodified ssh clients.


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