FTP Port Forwarding & SSH2_MSG_CHANNEL_DATA question

Michael J. Ryan mjr at knoware.com
Fri Oct 5 02:54:04 EST 2001

 I'm currently working on an FTP utility which contains
SSH2/Port Forwarding functionality. I'm having a problem with
receiving large amounts of data. When I open my forwarding
channel, I give it a Window Size, say about 10K. When I try
to download a file through the forwarded FTP channel, the 
SSH2 server (VShell in this case) is only sending over 10K.

Apparently the server will only send over the amount that will
fit within your Window Session Size. My question is...how do
I get around this? Do I need to send a Window Adjust message 
over to the server to reset the size, or should I set Xon/Xoff?

I've checked through the man's but was unable to find any 
concrete answer.

I'm using OpenSSH v2.2...

Thanks in advance!

Michael Ryan

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