AFS and tokenforwarding

Dug Song dugsong at
Fri Oct 5 07:00:44 EST 2001

On Thu, Oct 04, 2001 at 09:49:42PM +0200, Bjoern Groenvall wrote:

> You can use the real server to increment the challenge for you. The
> kerberos session key is only used for this. The kerberos session key
> should really really be used to change the ssh session key so that the
> tunnel between client and masquerading server breaks.

yes, there's been argument over this before as well, and whether to
just GSSify all of SSH anyhow, since there's so much overlap. :-/

hrr, an easy interim solution would be to encrypt the SSH session key
(or an HMAC of the challenge with the key) with the Kerberos session
key however nasty this is...



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