hang on exit - bug or no bug?

Phil Howard phil-openssh-unix-dev at ipal.net
Sat Oct 6 04:41:20 EST 2001

mouring at etoh.eviladmin.org wrote:

> > - fix the daemons
> >
> Finxing daemons will solve part of the problem.. but will not solve the
> case when you do:
> ssh site.com
> vi file
> ctrl-z
> <wander around>
> exit
> ..[hang]
> You sure can't close the std* in vi.. It would make it worthless.

My "man ssh" shows:

  Escape Characters

     When a pseudo terminal has been requested, ssh supports a number of func-
     tions through the use of an escape character.

     A single tilde character can be sent as ~~ (or by following the tilde by
     a character other than those described above).  The escape character must
     always follow a newline to be interpreted as special.  The escape charac-
     ter can be changed in configuration files using the EscapeChar configura-
     tion directive or on the command line by the -e option.

     The supported escapes (assuming the default `~') are:

     ~.      Disconnect

     ~^Z     Background ssh

     ~#      List forwarded connections

     ~&      Background ssh at logout when waiting for forwarded connection /
             X11 sessions to terminate (protocol version 1 only)

     ~?      Display a list of escape characters

     ~R      Request rekeying of the connection (only useful for SSH protocol
             version 2 and if the peer supports it)

Which I changed to ^\ using "EscapeChar ^\" in ~/.ssh/config (I had
failed top mention in previous posts because I'm so used to doing
it as ^\. I forgot it was my own idea).  I do this because using ~
as the escape character was problematic.

So do ~. or whatever on the hung ssh client and drop it that way.
Sure it would be nice not to have to.  The issue of data loss in
an interactive tty session is also questionable, too.

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