socks and misc patch to 2.9.9p2

mouring at mouring at
Sun Oct 7 17:11:10 EST 2001

On Sat, 6 Oct 2001, Michael wrote:

> >
> > Out of interest what is wrong with 'ProxyCommand' for handling this?
> >  This is kinda why this was design for to support socks and other
> > proxy type software without the nasty #ifdef/#endif code.
> There are only 3 or 4 instances of this and no added code lines if
> you consider the effect of the ifdef's
> doesn't work for scp, and even if it did, I've got a ton of scripts
> in existence on numerous machines that are using the old ssh-1.2.xx
> reference release. It would be nice to upgrade transparently. I'm
> sure that is why others have tried to add this feature in the past.
> Michael

If it does not work for scp than it should be fixed.  This patch pretty
much is saying.. "I don't care to understand existing features therefor I
will add a different way of doing the same thing."  If you wish to
describe why it breaks, and suggest a solution patch than great.

Besides, anytime you add in #ifdef into code it makes it harder to read
and mentally process.   And if you have done an #ifdef count between the
virgin OpenBSD version and the portable we have 3x (slowly creaping up on
4x) as many which is too may.  The whole thinking.. "It is just 4 more
#ifdef"  leads to crap code like SSH-1.2.x.

I doubt this will be added to the upstream code (in turn it won't get to
the portable tree).  So I think fixing and useing the ProxyCommand or a
local patch will be your only two options.

- Ben

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