Executing ssh commands on many computers

Dean Luka Domikulić dean.domikulic at pbz.hr
Mon Oct 8 20:18:46 EST 2001

We have two SP computers with 8 nodes each and
ocasionaly we have to execute comands on all of them.
We do that with ssh private and public keys without
passphrase. I a loop we do

ssh node* comand

The problem is:
After a few nodes ssh client waits for a long time
and after that every new connection is slower.

It looks to me like ssh client has used all the entropy
for generating session keys and than has to wait for the new
keys to be generated.

I'm just guessing.

OS is AIX 4.3.2 and openssh is 2.3 p1.

Does any body know what could be the problem
and how it can be solved?

We tried executing comands from AIX and linux,
and we get the same problem only on linux
I can execute the command on more nodes before it
starts to be slow.
I tested with loop:

while true
ssh node date

Any help apreciated.

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