Ported OpenSSH 2.9.9p2 to Dynix

Patrick Hess phess at best.com
Wed Oct 10 17:48:40 EST 2001

Thanks.  I did that already and apparently I forgot to include that in
the patch that I mailed to the list.  When I get back to work after my holiday
(in a couple weeks) I'll be sure to mail it to the list.  

On the other hand, given that I've included the diffs from the configure
script itself, it would be trivial for one of you to reverse engineer
the changes that I made to the configure script and add those changes to the
configure.in file for the distribution.  Please let me know which way you
would prefer to work this out.

Thanks for the wonderful work with OpenSSH.  It was fairly simple to get this
package running even on a dinosaur like Dynix.  :)  Great work!


Corinna Vinschen once said:
> That's not ok as a patch.  You'll have to change configure.in
> to accomodate the new target system.  configure is generated
> from configure.in using autoconf.
> Corinna
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> Corinna Vinschen
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> Red Hat, Inc.
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