openssh on LynxOS issues!

hari sekar a_ghsek at
Thu Oct 11 00:22:43 EST 2001

1.  Does ssh, scp and sftp client programs work on
LynxOS? I use openssh-2.9p2 on a LynxOS i386 system.
The ssh and scp clients work fine. Even sftp from
other Linux systems works. But, if I make sftp to the
localhost (LynxOS), the authentication succeeds,
prints sftp> prompt and then exits. I don't know why
this happens. I have not set the euid of ssh program
to root as it does not work in LynxOS (may be problem
with saved ids). Might this be a problem. Does it work
for anyone (sftp localhost)?

2.  Does anyone use ssh client with seteuid to root?
and it still works? or is there a problem with LynxOS
that seteuid() doesn't work with _POSIX_SAVED_IDS?

3.  One more problem. sshd run on LynxOS and ssh
client from Linux system. ssh client hangs on exit.
$ssh hari at lynx (From Linux)
hangs ......
    I don't think it is the regular hang-on-exit bug,
because there are no background processes running, I
suppose, and I get this hang 90% of time. Ofcourse,
lynx> exit > /dev/null < /dev/null 2>&1
makes it clean, but I want to make sure why this
happens. Does anyone have this problem in your LynxOS

4. The TERM environment variable remains xterm.
$echo $TERM
$ssh hari at lynx  (From Linux)
lynx>echo $TERM
How to set TERM to vt100at on login.
I hope you do not have problem here!

5. One strange issue. I compiled openssh-2.9p2 on
Redhat 7.0 Linux system. When the compiled server is
used and when I call ssh, prompts for password and
even if I give correct password, says incorrect
password. Ever got this trouble?

Can I expect some help from someone,

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