OpenSSH name resolving problems

Gil Disatnik Jewnix at
Thu Oct 11 07:44:39 EST 2001

Hello there.
I've noticed a strange problem happen in ALL my linux machines (some of 
them still running OpenSSH 2.9p1 (The one that comes with Slack8) and some 
of them are running 2.9.9p2 (That I have compiled myself).
When I am having a certain host in my /etc/hosts, for example:    netinst

When I am running ssh netinst -v -v -v
the last line I could see is: ssh_connect: getuid 0 geteuid 0 anon 1
The next line is telling me that it is connecting to netinst which resolves 

The problem is that it has a 20 second delay until it really start 
connecting... when using an ip address instead of a hostname I'll have my 
connection running in no time.

/etc/nsswitch.conf showed me that files are before dns, nevertheless - I 
REMOVED dns from the conf file - and it worked great. Of course I can't let 
my machine to run without a dns (Oh... almost forgot about it... the 
machine is internetless and dnsless most of the time, that's why it waits 
for a dead dns, still the /etc/nsswitch should solve that once I am telling 
it to search files before dns...)
Anyways - Looks like a bug to me unless you could state otherwise (Hey, I 
am not criticizing you, just stating that it looks like a bug :))


P.S - I am still waiting for any answer regarding my previous question 
about the fact that I can't exit from a shell when I have background 
jobs... It is really important... please help me here...


Gil Disatnik
UNIX system/security administrator at netish inc.

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