openssh on LynxOS issues! - Changes and addons.

Damien Miller djm at
Thu Oct 11 10:08:49 EST 2001

On Wed, 10 Oct 2001, hari sekar wrote:

> Hi,
>   With reference to my previous mail:
> 1.  I use openssh-2.9p2 on a LynxOS i386 system. The
> ssh and scp clients work fine. Even sftp from other
> Linux systems works. But, if I run the sftp client in
> LynxOS to localhost (LynxOS) or remote sshd in Linux,
> the authentication succeeds, prints sftp> prompt and
> then exits. I don't know why this happens. The problem
> is with the sftp client program in LynxOS. Does it
> work for anyone (sftp client program in LynxOS)?

No idea here - have you determined whether it is sftp or the underlying
ssh that is exiting.

> 2.  Does anyone use ssh client with seteuid to root?
> and it still works? or is there a problem with LynxOS
> that seteuid() doesn't work with _POSIX_SAVED_IDS?

It works on most systems.

> 3.  One more problem. sshd run on LynxOS and ssh
> client from Linux system. ssh client hangs on exit.
> $ssh hari at lynx (From Linux)
> password:
> lynx>...
> lynx>exit
> hangs ......
>     I don't think it is the regular hang-on-exit bug,
> because there are no background processes running, I
> suppose, and I get this hang 90% of time. Ofcourse,
> lynx> exit > /dev/null < /dev/null 2>&1
> makes it clean, but I want to make sure why this
> happens. Do you have this problem in your LynxOS
> installation? 

Search the mailing list archives, this has been discussed at (great) length.

> 4. The TERM environment variable remains xterm.
> $echo $TERM
> xterm
> $ssh hari at lynx  (From Linux)
> Password:
> lynx>echo $TERM
> xterm
> lynx>
> How to set TERM to vt100at on login.
> I hope you do not have problem here!

This is correct behaviour, $TERM should be propogated across ssh connections.
If you want a different $TERM, set it manually.

> 5. Addon: In LynxOS, sshd writes to utmp and wtmp on
> login, but does not remove entries from utmp on
> logout. So, lynx> who
> displays the user even after logout. Interestingly,
> the  size of utmp and wtmp files change (increase)
> after login and logout, i.e., the server writes to
> them. Then, is it the way the OS interprets it
> different, though the sshd server does its job
> perfect. Normal telnet programs to Lynx system do not
> alter the size of the utmp file.

You may need to doctor loginrec.c to cope with the way that LynxOS handles
utmp, wtmp and lastlog. This is one of the areas of greatest platform 


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