Solaris packaging

mouring at mouring at
Sat Oct 13 06:39:14 EST 2001

When the new night builds occur (10/13) there should be a new solaris
package for those running Solaris.  Read the 'README' file as to the
current problems.

Please.. please.. *PLEASE*  (begging) test this.  The only feature I'm
going to add before 3.0 is a postinstall script that will handle
sshd_config and ssh_config correctly (which are not.  They are
overwritten.. You have been warned!).  Which will stop sshd_config and
ssh_config from being removed also at deinstall.

=) Have to start somewhere.

Features of this new package script.  It is a 'Fake root' build.  So all
files should be installed correctly, manpages should be done right, and it
is much easier to read scripts.  This script *SHOULD* handle --prefix,
--sysconfdir correctly.  I think the only one I'm not accounting for
currently is --piddir, but if someone that uses that function needs it
drop me a unified diff.

Also, an updated runtime script which handles key creation at startup time
(instead of at install time.  Which should help those doing jump start

- Ben

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