Please test snapshots for 3.0 release

Sturle Sunde sturle.sunde at
Mon Oct 15 04:19:14 EST 2001

Damien Miller <djm at> writes:

> Could everyone please test the latest snapshots as we will be making a
> new release soon.

I have tested with native compilers on six different platforms, and
get lot's of warnings (mostly prototype/argument mismatches).

Too many errors to send to the list, so I have put the results here:

The tar has one directory for each platform tested.  Each directory
contains config.* from each configure, results of make >& make.out, a
file "VERSIONS" with version information from cc and make, and uname
with the output from "uname -a".  Enjoy.

On AIX configure seemed to work fine and exited with status 0, but it
didn't create a Makefile or config.h!  config.log and config.status
are included in the tarball.

> If you have any patches you would like us to consider, please resend 
> them to the list ASAP.

AUTH_FAIL_MAX 6 is too low in some cases.  A simple fix is to increase
the value.  I have explained the bug here:

--- auth.h.orig Wed Jul  4 06:46:57 2001
+++ auth.h      Fri Oct 12 14:04:09 2001
@@ -149,7 +149,7 @@
 check_key_in_hostfiles(struct passwd *, Key *, const char *,
     const char *, const char *);
-#define AUTH_FAIL_MAX 6
+#define AUTH_FAIL_MAX 8
 #define AUTH_FAIL_MSG "Too many authentication failures for %.100s"

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