program-prefix does not work

Bryan Chua chua at
Sat Oct 20 07:57:15 EST 2001

Yes, that is correct -- our sshd does not work without a link from scp 
to ${program-prefix}scp.

I chose to allow sshd to break in this case (scp in from remote) for two 
reasons --
1) there is no clean way to return an exit code while the pipe is open 
without a major re-structuring
2) even if there were a clean way to return a code, it would be more of 
a security hole for sshd to try scp and ${program-prefix}scp in either 

As for scp, I ended up adding a command-line parameter to specify the 
scp program to use on the remote side, -s <scp-program>.  I was not sure 
of how to update the man pages to add the documentation.

-- bryan

Dave Dykstra wrote:

> On Tue, Oct 16, 2001 at 03:54:08PM -0700, Bryan Chua wrote:
>>the configure option --program-prefix does not work although it is 
>>listed in the configure --help output.
>>The attached patch fixes these issues:
>>1) program prefix is not substituted in configure
>>2) program prefix is not present in Makefile
>>3) scp requires use of a known "scp" program
> Won't changing the prefix on #3 cause a problem if you need to
> interoperate with other installations that don't have the prefix?
> I would think on the wire you'd still need to use "scp" but your sshd
> would need to translate that to ${program_prefix}scp.
> - Dave Dykstra

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