expired password problems with 2.9.9p2/Solaris8

Dost, Alexander Alexander.Dost at drkw.com
Mon Oct 22 17:51:47 EST 2001

I encounterd some odd problems with OpenSSH 2.9.9p2 compiled with
--tcp-wrappers --with-pam and using the PAM_TTY_KLUDGE. The kludge is needed
to get the password expiration check running.
OS is Solaris8, PAM uses standard Solaris file pam_unix.so (I also tried
extra lines for sshd in the config file).
When asked to change the password the text now entered is not hidden on the
screen (first problem).
Second problem: Changing does not work at all. The following error is

Waring: Your password has expired, please change it now
Enter login password: hans1234
removing root credentials would break the rpc services that
use secure rpc on this host!
root may use keylogout -f to do this (at your own risk)!
Connection to <host> closed by remote host.
Connection to <host> closed.

When trying the same on a machine using nisplus for password checking,
everything works fine.

- Alex

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