OpenSSH port to NetWare 6

mouring at mouring at
Wed Oct 24 00:43:04 EST 2001

The normal procedure is to post the changes to the list.

Now, as for the rules of the game.  They are easy.  If you have Netware
only routines put them in openbsd-compat/bsd-netware.c.  Keep the #ifdef
mess down as low as possible.  And expect us to deny the patch if any
major changes occur to the OpenSSH tree.

The portable group attempts to keep the differences as low as possible
between it and the upstream (in some cases we fail, but we are starting to
be a bit stricker).

Lastly.  diff -u format please.  It is easier to read.

I have no clue if configure has been ported to Netware.  So you will need
to document the build process so we understand why you are doing things.

- Ben

On Mon, 22 Oct 2001, Vince Brimhall wrote:

> I'm a software developer at Novell.  I have been tasked with porting OpenSSH to the NetWare 6.0 OS.  I would like to include my NetWare specific changes,#ifdef'd of course, in the portable releases at some point.  Whom should I contact with regard to this?  And are there any guidlines I can look at online to minimize any disturbance this may cause to other platforms?
> Any assistance that can be provided would be appreciated.
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