PAM problem - sshd segfault on Solaris

William Yodlowsky bsd at
Wed Oct 24 01:37:20 EST 2001

On Tuesday, October 23, mouring at wrote:
> PAM handling changes slightly which broke Solaris.  This is a known
> issue and will be resovled in 3.0.
> after ./configure  go into your config.h and set 'PAM_TTY_KLUDGE' and
> the problem should go away.

Thanks, that did it.

Sorry for missing the previous posts regarding this issue.

> On Tue, 23 Oct 2001, William Yodlowsky wrote:
> > I'm using OpenSSH-2.9.9p2 on Solaris 8 sparc64.  2.9p2 worked fine, but
> > 2.9.9p2+ is giving me trouble with one thing - sshd segfaults if I try to
> > connect and execute a command, such as "ssh machine ls".  Otherwise it
> > works great.  sshd will fork, and the child process segfaults.

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