status of the hang-on-exit-bug

Craig J Copi cjc5 at
Wed Oct 24 04:06:16 EST 2001

Lutz Jaenicke writes:
>- Even more: on OpenBSD the connection is closed immediatly. Doesn't this
>  mean, that output generated by the backgrounded processes after the
>  close would be lost, thus violating the idea of keeping the channel
>  open to prevent this data loss...

I believe it does mean that data is lost.  I did the following 
simple test:
#>ssh localhost
[ Login ]
%> sleep 10; echo hi &
%> exit

I did this on
(1) OpenBSD 2.9 with OpenSSH_2.9 and tcsh-6.10.00 (from ports)
(2) Linux 2.4.6 with OpenSSH_2.9.9p2 and tcsh-6.10-5 (RH 7.1)

On the OpenBSD box (1) the exit was immediate.  "hi" WAS NOT printed.
On the Linux box (2) the exit hung, after the delay "hi" WAS printed
  then the exit finished.


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