Another round of testing calls.

Dost, Alexander Alexander.Dost at
Wed Oct 24 18:46:57 EST 2001

Is the problem with clear-text passwords after using the kludge on Sol8
known and will it be fixed ?
I didn't see any reply on this problem.

- Alex

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> Subject:	Another round of testing calls.
> Outside the known 'Hang-on-exit' bug and the Solaris 'PAM_TTY_KLUDGE'
> required.  *WHAT* other issues *MUST* be address before 3.0 which is
> approaching fast?
> Those running NeXTStep I need conformation that it works under NeXT.  My
> current Slab is packed in a storage unit due to a fire in my apartment
> complex (happened above me so I'm wrapping up dealing with that crap =).
> - Ben

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