Config file semantics change intentional?

Dan Astoorian djast at
Thu Oct 25 05:11:45 EST 2001

In 2.3.0, the per-user config file was read before the system-wide
config file, so options set in ~/.ssh/config took precedence over
system-wide defaults.  In 2.9.9, the system-wide file seems to be read
first, contrary to the man page (cf. ssh.c ll. 631-632).

It seems to me that the old behaviour made more sense.  (I discovered
the change because I could not override a "ForwardX11" option for a
particular host when it was specified in the global client config file
for all hosts.)

Is this a deliberate change, and the man page hasn't been updated?  Or
should ssh.c be corrected to read the system-wide config file after the
per-user config file?

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