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mouring at etoh.eviladmin.org mouring at etoh.eviladmin.org
Fri Oct 26 00:21:25 EST 2001

On Wed, 24 Oct 2001, Markus Friedl wrote:

> this (uncomplete) patch makes various features compile time
> options and saves up to 24K in the resulting
> ssh/sshd binaries. i don't know whether this
> should be added to the CVS since it makes
> the code less readable.
> perhaps WITH_COMPRESSION should be added, since
> it removes the dependency on libz
WTIH_COMPRESSION would be nice.  I could agree with that.

Ability to compile without v1 compatiblity would also be nice down the

However, neither feature are a 'must' on my list.

- Ben

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