PAM conversation stuff

Ed Phillips ed at UDel.Edu
Fri Oct 26 07:51:20 EST 2001

Okay, I'm confused again.  They way you guys are talking about the
conversation routine, it would seem that you think it is a way to fetch
something from the user - like a new password.  Is this possible?  Does
calling pam_chauthtok() cause the underlying pam_sm_chauthtok()
eventually print something on stdout and read a new password from stdin
(the socket to the client) using the conversation routine?  If this is
what is happening, then logically the bug is in the part of the
conversation routine that isn't checking to see if stdin/stdout is a TTY
before trying to prompt the user for info.

Conversely, the conversation routine is just a glorified "printf", then
where in the heck is the password read in, and where is pam_set_item()
being called to fill in the details before the call to pam_chauthtok() can
actually update the password?



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