[PATCH] some patches for Fujitsu-Siemens ReliantUNIX

Robert Dahlem Robert.Dahlem at siemens.com
Sat Oct 27 03:08:58 EST 2001


attached please find some patches against SNAP-20011026 for ReliantUNIX. 
This was tested under ReliantUNIX V5.43C40 with Compiler CDSDEV V2.0C00 
and works with other versions I have access to: 5.43C30, 5.44C20, 
5.45A10, 5.45A30, 5.45B00

I posted some patches like these in August but unfortunately they didn't 
make it into CVS. The configure patch is essential for ReliantUNIX, so 
please put it in. 

The /etc/default/login patch is some kind of convenience stuff and tries 
to follow the principle of always producing the least surprise: 
administrators of systems with /etc/default/login are used to change 
global (SU)PATH settings only there. If this one is not going to make it 
into the source: please tell me so and I will no longer bother anyone 
with this.

Here is what I did:

- there is a common misunderstanding of how to use /usr/libucb/libucb.a 
under ReliantUnix:

There are some library functions only in libucb.a under ReliantUNIX, so 
one needs to bind it. The problem is: there are some other functions in 
this library you should never bind from there (i.e. fopen()). The trick 
is to first search through libc.so and then through libucb.a. Don't let 
ld search in /usr/ucblib, it will virtually always produce nonsense.

- often found mistake with libsocket and libnsl under ReliantUNIX:

Especially libsocket _must_ be bound before libc. Otherwise you will get 
lots of messages like

    unix: syslog: 7784 sshd:_accept: SIOCGPGRP failed errno 22

- /etc/default/login

There is a file /etc/default/login on Solaris 2.x and ReliantUNIX. See


for a description. It handles things like setting a different PATH for 
root and normal users at login time and the umask setting, quite a 
convenient feature for administrators.

This was handled in SSH 1 since at least 1998. I rewrote some of the old 
code to gather at least PATH and UMASK. Rest will be done at a later 
time (when I better understand the code :-).

I added a paranoia check to have always a minimum PATH set but take 
care! I fear this changed the semantics of --with-default-path.


BTW: Thanks to Markus for patching the "bad exit code 255" problem. I 
have been heavily bitten by this one. :-)

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