HostbasedAuthentication problem

Dost, Alexander Alexander.Dost at
Mon Oct 29 22:55:04 EST 2001

Ok. That did it. There was a problem with short/long names. As we use DNS,
the names are resolved to long names, and ssh-keyscan delivered only short
names. Changing the ssh_known_hosts-entries to long names made it work.
Thanks a lot

- Alex

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> On Mon, Oct 29, 2001 at 12:26:11PM +0100, Dost, Alexander wrote:
> > I use another base-dir for the installation, but in the corresponding
> etc
> > directory is the file ssh_known_hosts, which is readable for everyone
> and
> > contains the rsa and dsa keys, I got with ssh-keyscan from the machine,
> > where I try to ssh from. Is there anything else to do ? I tried a link
> to
> > /etc/ssh_known_hosts just to see if ssh always looks there...
> > On the machine running sshd there is the hint that hostbased auth is
> tried
> > first with ssh-dss and then with ssh-rsa, both of them fail, but no
> hint,
> > why.
> what is the sshd debug output?
> make sure chost from the ssh output is in ssh_known_hosts
> -m

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