Michael Robinton michael at
Tue Aug 6 09:18:31 EST 2002

BTW, it's not a "so-called-hang-on-exit". It DOES hang on exit, there is
no question about it. The discussion is about how to fix it. Claiming that
it is "proper" doesn't fix the problem or keep people for reporting it as
a bug over and over again. The client user really does want the process to
close when you say "exit", notwithstanding that there may be and
outstanding process that could possibly return data. Such is life.

>> On Mon, Aug 05, 2002 at 02:53:32PM -0700, Michael Robinton wrote:
>> sysadmin who is merely and innocent victim of the ssh server. Upon
>>logout the terminal window hangs....
>... and the admin presses ~. if he really want's to close
>the connection. so what's the problem?

The problem is that it affects not only the knowledgable?? sysadmins but
all users. It is a nusiance and an agravation. Some users don't know
about ~ and some scripts which start remote processes via ssh get stuck
with a hung connection. What's the problem with having sshd close the
connects AS ASKED by sshd-config option which you can set to leave your
system hanging if you wish to do so??? Please don't force the rest of us
to deal with a hung script or blank window when we want to EXIT just
becasue you think we should not loose the data we clearly don't want.
Additionally, I really don't want my systems cluttered up with hung sshd
processes started by remote users that can't figure out how to deal with a
difficult implementation of ssh.

I'm not bitching about ssh or the development. I think it's a fine program
and you are all to be commended for it's development and improvement. But,
lets get real about what users (not always so bright) and daemon
developers (sometimes really dim) expect from ssh. When I log off a
terminal window, I expect it to close. When I start a remote daemon, I
expect to be able to disconnect from the remote host whether it is via a
terminal window or a script.


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