Jani Jaakkola jjaakkol at cs.Helsinki.FI
Thu Aug 8 05:53:29 EST 2002

On Tue, 6 Aug 2002 Nicolas.Williams at wrote:

> Why are putting a timeout into the sshd's select() when flushing
> the PTY?
> I'll admit I've neither tried the patch nor really read it. But if
> you'll rely on timeouts on one side, why not on the other.

We did not rely on timeouts. The timeouts we're only made so that the 
select() call could not hang forever.

I really did want 0 second timeouts, but the way timeout handling was 
implemented in serverloop.c prevented that (with a minimal patch at least. 
Personally I would have liked to clean up the timeout handling; Eventually 
I will have to, since I will port my older IdleTimeout to newer openssh).

- Jani

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