Logging of key fingerprint / comment with v3.4p1

Courtin Bert b.courtin at t-online.net
Fri Aug 9 05:15:45 EST 2002


I'm wondering whether it is possible to log the key fingerprint (or, the comment of the key) that was used for authentication) with the actual available openssh v3.4p1 on solaris? 

(with Solaris 8 / UsePrivilegeSeparation yes, if this might be relevant, it seems not)

-Is it possible at all? How?
-Is there a special sshd configuration option neccessary to use?
-Does is only work with a certain loglevel?
-If it is not possible, when might it be available?
-If not: Is there a patch available for openssh v3.4p1 which enables this? Where?

Snapshot of my /var/log/authlog
Aug  8 16:26:29 sshd[190]: [ID 800047 auth.info] Server listening on port 22.
Aug  8 20:24:57 sshd[24405]: [ID 800047 auth.info] Accepted rsa for root from port 2709
Aug  8 20:25:23 sshd[190]: [ID 800047 auth.info] Received SIGHUP; restarting.

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