Solaris 7 w/ current CVS.

Ben Lindstrom mouring at
Wed Aug 21 07:24:10 EST 2002

Not sure about any other version, but I know sol7 lacks SIZE_T_MAX which
we are now using in -current.

OpenBSD defines it as ULONG_MAX.   Pawing through the Solaris /usr/include
it stated it could be 'u_int' or 'u_long'.  Depends on if your are
compiling legacy stuff.

I'm sure other OSes may encounter this issue (not tried Linux, but Redhat
7.x does not define it), but what is the collective suggestion in regards
to detectin what size_t is.

For a work around locally I'm just defining SIZE_T_MAX to ULONG_MAX in my
local Solaris tree.

- Ben

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