[Bug 80] Host key conflict with two servers on one IP

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------- Additional Comments From eric-ossh at brouhaha.com  2002-08-22 05:05 -------
I forgot to mention the other reason why I want the requested feature. 
Sometimes with the firewall/NAT, I map a firewall port (say 1234) to the same
port on an internal machine, and run the sshd on that port.  The reason for this
is that my DNS servers are set up so that inside the firewall/NAT, a DNS lookup
for foo will return its local IP address, but from the outside DNS will return
the address of the firewall.  So it would be nice to be able to say "ssh -p 1234
foo" on my laptop and have the right thing happen, regardless of whether my
laptop is currently attached to the interior network or somewhere on the
internet at large.  For this to work correctly, the knownhosts entry should
contain an entry matching the hostname and the port number.  And if I didn't
want to always type the "-p" option, I could put that in the SSH configuration,
but I wouldn't need two configuration entries for the same host.

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