Deron Meranda dmeranda at
Fri Aug 30 18:37:15 EST 2002

> I have a question about OpenSSH configuration. In Makefile there is defined
> LIBS=$(LIBCRYPTO), but the problem is that the version of OpenSSL that I'm
> using holds only the version LIBCRYPT. When adding LIBCRYPT to the Makefile
> Firts of all, are these libraries even compatible? and if are what could be
> the cause of this mistake.

I'm a little bit confused by your question.  But I suspect you may be
confusing "libcrypto" with "libcrypt".  libcrypto is one of two
libraries (libssl being the other) which is part of the OpenSSL
product.  libcrypt on the other hand is a standard part of most Unix
distributions which handles Unix's password encryption.  The two
definitely are not compatible.

Refer to the OpenSSL site for more information about libcrypto,

Deron Meranda

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