Building without perl

Damien Miller djm at
Tue Dec 3 23:08:51 EST 2002

Kim Scarborough wrote:
> I can't seem to compile 3.5p1 on a Solaris 9 box with gcc and GNU make. 
> The box does not have perl installed on it. When I run configure, it 
> correctly detects the absence of perl on the system, but make dies 
> immediately trying to run "fixpaths", which is a perl script. PERL is 
> set to nothing in the Makefile.
> Is perl required? The docs don't say it is... if not, how do I get 
> around this?

Perl is required to build OpenSSH, or more specifically: to fix
up the paths in the manpages. If you install with normalish
paths, then replacing fixpaths with a shell script which simply
cat's it input to its output would be a reasonable workaround.

A while back, someone converted the script to awk & sed. If you
want to revive (check the list archives) and clean this up, it
would probably get committed.


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