Password expiry related clarification in OpenSSH3.5p1

Kevin Steves stevesk at
Mon Dec 9 05:41:28 EST 2002

fyi (i'm behind in following the passord expire efforts).

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Date: Sat, 7 Dec 2002 02:42:52 +0530
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Subject: Password expiry related clarification in OpenSSH3.5p1

Hello Stevesk,

We are using OpenSSH3.1p1 and now planned to shift to OpenSSH3.5p1. Among
other changes, we would like to know specifically the reasons for the
commented part of the PAM account expiration part in auth-pam.c.
Why this part of the code is not used in 3.5p1? Is there any specific
reasons for not using this part of the code? 

#if 0
   message_cat(&__pam_msg, use_privsep ?
   /* flag that password change is necessary */
   password_change_required = 1;
   /* disallow other functionality for now */
   no_port_forwarding_flag |= 2;
   no_agent_forwarding_flag |= 2;
   no_x11_forwarding_flag |= 2;

Please reply.


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