[PATCH] Password expiry with Privsep and PAM

Darren Tucker dtucker at zip.com.au
Wed Dec 11 16:00:53 EST 2002

Peter Stuge wrote:
> And if anything fails along the way, touch luck, the SSH protocol has no way
> to propagate messages such as "Password must contain..." back to the client.

Sure it does. The "prompt" string.
     string    prompt (ISO-10646 UTF-8)
     string    language tag (as defined in [RFC1766])

> > Having had a go at implementing both, I think (2) will end up bigger,
> > uglier and flakier that the sum of (1).
> I will try to prove you wrong.  :)

I'll count the expect string library toward the size :-)

Have fun and good luck.

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