[Bug 245] SSH can not log out under Solaris 2.6

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Sat Dec 14 14:24:45 EST 2002


------- Additional Comments From dtucker at zip.com.au  2002-12-14 14:24 -------
The root cause appears to be an 8-year-old bug in Solaris (Sun bugid 1156877).
The bug is marked "fixed" but the testcase fails on my Solaris 8 box (with
recommended patches from a few weeks ago).

The open routine of the master-side pty driver (ptm) sends an
M_SETOPTS message to the stream head that, among other things,
has the SO_ISTTY bit set.  This action has the effect of expressing
willingness to act as a controlling tty.  However, it is nonsensical
for the driver to do so, since it supports none of the other tty
However, opening /dev/ptmx with O_NOCTTY 
only prevents the problem until the user pushes another module on the 
stream head.  Note that this only happens if the process has no controlling
terminal already.

Work Around
         Open the master-side pty with the O_NOCTTY open flag.

This works only if you don't push any streams modules - a
rather special case.

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