[Bug 457] New: SSHD doesn't start when using invalid port numbers

Jim Knoble jmknoble at pobox.com
Wed Dec 18 10:10:25 EST 2002

Circa 2002-12-17 10:24:02 -0600 dixit Wendy Palm:

: i completely disagree with this.  i believe it IS handling the error
: exactly as it should, by refusing to run.
: i would rather find the error immediately and fix it than have the
: software try and guess what i really meant.


And you can make sshd even more error-tolerant by editing the
configuration file this way:

  vi sshd_config
  sshd -t

This configuration-checking facility is more than most system-level
daemons provide.  I think it's quite friendly.  :)

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