Problems with the tty's in openssh + AIX

Tobias Ulbricht up5a at
Wed Dec 18 22:46:06 EST 2002

> Sorry that should be "oslevel -r".
Oops, well, did I now mention?


> It looks like the problem identified by Sandor Sklar in bug #124: a zero
> length write to the tty results in a zero-length read from it.
> I believe this is a bug in AIX.  The attached patch works around it for
> me but I don't think this is a correct fix.
> From AIX's man page for read():
> A value of 0 is returned when the end of the file has been reached. (For
> information about communication files, see the ioctl and termio files.)
> The read is returning zero for something other than EOF.

Should that go into a bug report? Well, I'm new to bug-reporting. How do I
do this? Or would anyone file a bug report for me?

Cheers, tobias.

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