Inheriting environment - sshd server to shell child

Bryan Henderson bryanh at
Mon Dec 23 11:49:50 EST 2002

The sshd server normally builds the environment variables from scratch
for a shell process it creates.  Except when compile for Cygwin, it
simply adds settings to its own set of environment variable settings.
A comment in the code says this special case is made because in
Cygwin, some of sshd's environment is important for child processes

I don't run Cygwin (I run Linux), but on my system too, it is
important that environment variable settings get inherited by all the
processes.  In fact, in normal operation on my system, all the
environment variables that sshd inherits are also relevant to every
shell it spawns.

Could preserving the environment be an option in sshd.config?

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