[PATCH] Added NoDelay config option and nodelay subsystem option

Rick Jones rick_jones2 at hp.com
Fri Feb 1 08:28:31 EST 2002

> > The reason to have the socket buffer only bwdelay is so that when that
> > first tripple hits the third response cannot go into the socket buffer
> > and hit TCP until the fifth(?) request arrives, so the fourth response
> > ACK's both the four request and the fifth request. (It does this
> > because it was sent by the app to TCP after the fifth request arrived
> > because the fifth request acked the second response) I think I have
> > that right though I am in a maze of twist passages :)
> ...and do not want to go there either.  Yes, you might achieve what you
> propose with a carefully selected socket buffer, but after a while you
> will have to send a window update or some other little silly packet and
> you're toast again...  You'll probably find a way around that too, but
> I'd rather enable TCP_NODELAY and be done with it, I think.  :-)

typcial application programmer attitude :)

I was doing the back flips there to deal with the initite speeds and
such and to guarantee things in the proper sequence, from those
experiements I ran yesterday, it appears that timing is pretty-much key.

what are the request and reponse sizes involved in sftp anyhow?

any ideas yet what sort of bandwidth delay products are going to be

rick jones
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