[PATCH] Added NoDelay config option and nodelay subsystem option

Rick Jones rick_jones2 at hp.com
Fri Feb 1 10:14:44 EST 2002

> > what are the request and reponse sizes involved in sftp anyhow?
> Approximately:
> Request: 64 bytes
> Window update: 48 bytes  (sent every 32 kB data received right now)
> Response: ~8200 bytes

I'm going to guess that the response is 8217 bytes? (I saw that in some
https stuff recently...)

I'm going to show additional extreme ignorance. If a window update is
sent every 32kB of data, doesn't that imply that there are at least four
requests outstanding at any one time? Is it possible to have data sent
without there being an outstanding request?

Otherwise, I find it odd that there would be a window update since the
quantity of data outstanding would be controlled by the arrival of

> > any ideas yet what sort of bandwidth delay products are going to be
> > targetted?
> Everything from LANs to the upcoming interplanetary information highways
> of course...  :-)

Thankfully, there will be gateways for the interplanetary stuff and we
won't be running TCP end-to-end, and we'll all have to go back to
thinking in batch terms so we can ignore that for now. I guess that
leaves things like 100Mbit/s transcontinental links and the odd geosync

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