[PATCH] Added NoDelay config option and nodelay subsystem option

mouring mouring at etoh.eviladmin.org
Sat Feb 2 06:52:39 EST 2002

> Huh?  I didn't miss such a call for post 3.0.2p1, did I?  I'm always
> keen to test if it still builds and run on Cygwin, obviously, so I'm
> very interested in that call for testing.
> I'm subscribed to openssh-unix-dev since nearly two years now and at
> least two times I was surprised to see that a new version has been
> released.  I expected to get that call in this forum but there it was,
> version X.YpZ without an explicit call for testing.  I can't keep
> track of all threads so I'd really appreciate a mail which calls for
> testing with a non-ambiguous subject.  And a final note that version
> X.YpZ has been released would be nice, too.
3.0.2p1 I had very little involvement with.  I was handling personal issues.

Around the 2.5.x and above releases when I could get an answer as to when
we considered releasing it I would call for testers of the CVS tree.  Or
we have called at random times for testing after major distruption of
the code.

I don't think I'll have much involvement in 3.1 release since I'm still
dealing with houses, new dead servers, and insurance companies (almost
as bad a lawyers some days =).  

However, majority of the 2.5.x+ release I've made a post two weeks out from
when the original date was set to release.  =) 

Trust me I'm not ragging on any directly on this list.  I know some
people quietly are testing and I am very greatful.  Lack of bug reports
could also be people got frustrated because we would lose patches after
testing.  However I'm hoping with bugzilla we at least have them with 
the original report (which should HOPEFULLY save me from having 200+ 
email in my mailbox with unknown status).

And with the fact we are getting down to a SINGLE portable release per
OpenBSD release shows either stable code or enough testing to catch bugs.

- Ben

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