X.509 support in ssh (revisited)

Michael Tokarev mjt at tls.msk.ru
Mon Feb 4 03:59:57 EST 2002

Dan Kaminsky wrote:
> If I had the config.log from previous builds -- which I may or may not have
> even built myself -- this could be useful.  I'm wondering about embedding
> this information in sshd itself as a #define ... maybe have the ability to
> do something like:
> ./configure `/usr/sbin/sshd --configure`
> to clone the original configuration options.

Like e.g. gnome-config, glib-config, etc?  A shell script, e.g. openssh-config,
with all the "interesting" options, will be fine here.  Or a config file in
the same directory as other config files, e.g. /etc/[open]ssh[d]_config.default.


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