disabling the authentication agent?

Markus Friedl markus at openbsd.org
Mon Feb 4 04:31:44 EST 2002

On Fri, Feb 01, 2002 at 11:33:40PM -0500, Robert Mooney wrote:
> Is there any way to disable the authentication agent globally?  I'm not
> quite sure I understand it's purpose.  Here is some background info:
> workstation: Key pair (dsa).
> host1: No key pair.  No authorized_keys.
> host2: Has my workstation's key in authorized_keys.
> I ssh to host1 from my workstation.
> I ssh to host2 from host1.  I am asked for a password.  Good.
> I ssh to host2 from my workstation.  I am logged in via pubkey auth.
> I relogin to host2 from host1.  I am not asked for a password.  Why?

host1 has not authorized_keys and you are not asked for a password?
then you probably have a password-less account.

this has nothing to do with the 'authentication agent'.

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