[Bug 94] Userdefineable identification string

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------- Additional Comments From jprondak at visualmedia.com  2002-02-05 03:51 -------
The word is *if*. Secondly. I have had requests from some of my clients for the 
ability to change both the version and comment string(s). The version string for 
the sole purpose of hiding the version in the event of a security hole. 
Similarly to the way say bind or sendmail does. If other standards do why no 

As for the comment string this is not that all far fetched. I have the need to 
put information about an installation(i.e. internal version number, say for a 
companies internal package version. or for describing additional options.. 
gssapi?).  In large environments it is hard to keep everything machine up to 
date. Let alone making a perfect installation. So one can have used openssh 
3.0.2p1 but had multiple revisions of the package. And a quick way to audit said 
installation(s) would be to look at the comment field. And then use something 
like scanssh to gather the information.

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