[Bug 94] Userdefineable identification string

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Tue Feb 5 05:55:44 EST 2002


------- Additional Comments From jprondak at visualmedia.com  2002-02-05 05:55 -------
>why should we encourage people to run a broken version of openssh?
Why do you think it is broken?.. or is the compatibility handling just broken.

> why not edit version.h and include this information at compile time?
Why do you have to recompile?? That is where the term "runtime options" 
comes from. Fine. We disagree with the version string. But, the comment should 
be at least user configurable.

>if you have a revision of your modified sshd you will have to recompile
No...  who says that you can't change just the config files and make a new 

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