[Bug 104] [WISHLIST] sftpfs?

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Thu Feb 7 14:43:20 EST 2002


------- Additional Comments From dan at doxpara.com  2002-02-07 14:43 -------
If I remember right, it didn't seem too hard to adapt smbfs/smbmount to operate 
over SSH.  I'll document this later, even if it only works on Linux.

For Windows, smb connections are portlocked to 139, but an intermediary system 
on one subnet can expose systems on another.  There's a project, nbfw(netbios 
forward), that allows some pretty large scale windows networking forwarding.  
Again, I'll be documenting this later.

The real problem is that there's no simple/cross platform VFS subsystem that 
doesn't require serious kernel knowledge to interface with.  There *are* some 
interesting systems that we could try to interface sftp with, but in the end, 
fixing client side VFS isn't our domain.


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