[openssh-dev]: disable ProxyCommand from being used?

Dan Kaminsky dan at doxpara.com
Thu Feb 7 22:18:53 EST 2002

> i don't understand you problem.
> if you don't want to use it, why do you use it?
> or is it triggered by ssh_config ?
> they you can overwrite the config with your .ssh/config.

Sounds like the majority of the time, he's connecting to hosts that require
proxy support to connect to.  Occasionally though, he connects to something
on his local subnet, and would rather go directly.  Using a .ssh/config
would override his remote connections, and:

ssh -o ProxyCommand="" user at host

...doesn't work.

There are four possible solutions that come to mind:

1) Have a separate config file, ssh_noproxy, then do:  ssh -f ~/ssh_noproxy
user at host
2) Find some way to use the weak conditionals in the config file to only
apply the ProxyCommand to hosts outside the present subnet.  I don't think
this is possible.
3) Create a shell script, sshp, with the following command:
exec ssh -o ProxyCommand %h %p $@
then use sshp instead of ssh whenever accessing ssh using a proxy
4) Add null proxy parsing so that command line can eliminate the
proxycommand entirely.


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