[openssh-dev]: disable ProxyCommand from being used?

Shun-ichi GOTO gotoh at taiyo.co.jp
Thu Feb 7 23:30:41 EST 2002

>>>>> at Thu, 7 Feb 2002 03:18:53 -0800
>>>>> dan == "Dan Kaminsky" <dan at doxpara.com> said,

dan> ssh -o ProxyCommand="" user at host
dan> ...doesn't work.

When I talk with him, I didn't have fine solution.
But now I have one solution for limited case.
If you want to use proxy command only for out side the wall,
write ~/.ssh/config like this:

Host !*.local.net
  ProxyCommand connect -S firewall.local.net %h %s
----- end -----

I think almost users are enough with this.

Or, another solution is:

### using proxy command with direct connection
Host *.local.net
  ProxyCommand connect %h %s
### using proxy command with SOCKS connection
Host *
  ProxyCommand connect -S firewall.local.net %h %s
----- end -----

--- Regards,
 Shun-ichi Goto  <gotoh at taiyo.co.jp>
   R&D Group, TAIYO Corp., Tokyo, JAPAN

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